ご挨拶 Greetings

ご挨拶 「 木洩れ陽 」 小満〜芒種 Greeting ” Dappled Sunlight ” From Grain Full to Grain in Ear*







When my eyes rested on the ground, I found an indescribable beauty of dappled sunlight like shimmery gems.  The daylight is getting stronger day by day, and I unconsciously chose to walk under a tree.

As the temperature rises, all living things grow up significantly and the world teems with life.  This scenery embodies the season, Gran Full(小満).  The vivid green lets us expect the coming of summer.

The ancients were well-prepared for the harsh summer.  As one of the preparation, there was an official event, Shihyo-no-setsu(賜氷の節), at the court on June 1st.  The Emperor deigned to give his subjects ice from icehouses which was presented as a tribute by various parts of the country.  They might forget the heat through the event and pray for good health.  Copying the event, the public started to eat an ice-shaped mochi, Kori-mochi and Minazuki.

The harsh summer will come.  We prepare the cuisine making our guests forget the heat with the hope of good health.

*Grain Full/ Grain in Ear: The traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. “Grain full” is the 8th solar term and starts from May 21st. “Grain in Ear” is the 9th solar term and starts from June 6th.



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