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These souvenirs were carefully prepared from only the finest ingredients.
Why not bring the unique taste of Kashiwaya to those who are important to you?

  • 季節のかさねKisetsu no Kasane


    • 15個(5種類×各3個)桐箱入 5,400円(税込)
    • 5個(5種類×各1個)箱入 2,160円(税込)
    • こうふうのかさねとの詰め合わせもご用意しております。
      季節のかさね10個・こうふう5個 桐箱入 5,616円(税込)

    A small, bite-sized sweet. It represents flowers and other seasonal scenery, combining different colors like the robes of aristocrats in the Heian court of ancient Japan. This practice of the Heian period was known as kasane no irome, or “overlapping colors,” and “Kisetsu no Kasane” combines different colored sweet bean paste with a variety of flavors in the same way. The changing seasonal themes are a pleasure not only for the palate but also for the eyes.

    • 15 (5 different types, 3 each) in a paulownia box: ¥5,400 (incl. tax)
    • 5 (5 different types, 1 each) in a box: ¥2,160 (incl. tax)
    • We can also offer it in combination with Kofu no Kasane.
      10 Kisetsu no Kasane and 5 Kofu no Kasane in a paulownia box: ¥5,616 (incl. tax)
  • こうふうのかさねKofu no Kasane


    • 15個(5種類×各3個)桐箱入 6,048円(税込)
    • 5個(5種類×各1個)箱入 2,376円(税込)

    These sweets are imbued with our prayers for world peace and protection from disasters.
    The five colors of blue, red, yellow, white, and black represent the five basic elements of Chinese thought. These were adopted in Japan long ago, and are used in a variety of situations as the five most important colors. Red in particular is said to be effective in warding off evil and misfortune: for this we use safflower from Textiles Yoshioka in Kyoto. For green we use mugwort; for white, salt; for yellow, chrysanthemum; and for black, bamboo Charcoal.

    • 15 (5 different types, 3 each) in a paulownia box: ¥6,048 (incl. tax)
    • 5 (5 different types, 1 each) in a box: ¥2,376 (incl. tax)
  • ちりめん山椒煮Chirimenjako Sansho-ni


    • 1袋(75g×1袋)2,160円(税込)
    • 2袋(75g×2袋)桐箱入 5,400円(税込)

    Our high-quality, finely textured dried young sardines were procured in Miyazaki, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima prefectures. We carefully cook this dish together with Japanese sansho pepper, dark soy sauce, mirin, and sake. Experience the refreshing flavor and the deep umami of Japanese sansho pepper.

    • 1 sachet (75 g): ¥2,160 (incl. tax)
    • 2 sachets (75 g each) in a paulownia box: ¥5,400 (incl. tax)
  • 松前醤油Matsumae soy sauce


    • 1本(150ml)1,890円(税込)
    • 2本(150ml×2本)桐箱入 4,860円(税込)
    • ちりめん山椒煮との詰め合わせもご用意しております。
      桐箱入 5,130円(税込)

    This soy sauce is intended to make sashimi taste even more delicious. This uses Japanese kelp from the Donan region and high-grade katsuobushi bonito flakes from Makurazaki. We have diligently avoided any flavorings that include additives and preservatives. You can use it on a variety of other dishes, not just sashimi.

    • 1 bottle (150 ml): ¥1,890 (incl. tax)
    • 2 bottles (150 ml each) in a paulownia box: ¥4,860 (incl. tax)
    • We can also offer it in combination with simmered dried young sardines and sansho peppers.
      1 sachet (75 g) of simmered dried young sardines with sansho peppers and 1 bottle of Matsumae soy sauce (150 ml)
      in a paulownia box: ¥5,130 (incl. tax)
  • 棒寿司Bozushi


    • 1本 5,400円~(税込)

    Our ingredients, including unagi, pike eel, conger eel, and mackerel, are selected to fit the season. Please contact us for details.
    * The photo shows the unagi bozushi.

    • 1 piece starts at ¥5,400 (incl. tax)
  • お干菓子Ohigashi



    • 1箱 1,512円(税込)

    This is a limited time offer.We will announce its sales period on News page.

    Higashi (Dry confectionary) made by Kashiwaya.
    We use Wasanbon* added aroma and taste. Enjoy the seasonal taste. This goes well with Japanese tea, coffee, tea, whisky and wine. *A fine-grained Japanese sugar

    • 1 box: ¥1,512 (incl. tax)
  • はくふHakufu



    • 4本入 2,160円(税込)

    This is a limited time offer.We will announce its sales period on News page.

    We used two varieties of Kashiwaya’s bean paste and six types of wheat starch from the Fuka confectionery store in Kyoto. The gentle sweetness of the bean paste and the starch each has its own unique texture for you to enjoy.

    • 4 bottles: ¥2,160 (incl. tax)

Origins of Kasaneかさねの由来


Kasane no irome refers to an esthetic sensibility associated with the Heian dynasty
whereby a beautiful appearance is achieved through the layering of colors
—this is what we wish to express with our Kasane confections.

「かさね」についてHistory of Kasane


The ceremonial robes worn by ladies of the court during the Heian dynasty featured slightly offset, colored layers of cloth in the collars, hemlines and other styled areas.
These multiple layers of color were meant to express natural themes such as the elegance of a flower or the shades associated with each season.
This was called kasane no irome or layering of color.
We think this as an excellent example of the refined esthetic sense found in many aspects of Japanese culture.
In our Kasane sweets, we combine a variety of different bean pastes—each with a special flavor and color—to create delights for the eye as well as the palate. Because we use an approach reflecting the Heian era esthetic of kasane no irome, we also believe it to be an ideal name for our sweets.

素材の話Our ingredients


We make full use of the natural flavors and colors that characterize the ingredients we put into our sweets. We make our sweet pastes from a medley of vegetables including dried red and white adzuki beans, blue and black soybeans and otebo beans, as well as peas, pumpkins and Japanese sweet potatoes such as Tanbamaru-imo, Satsuma-imo and murasaki-imo. To add further flavors, we use kina-ko (roasted soy flour), ao-nori (seaweed), Saikyo (Kyoto-style) miso, soy sauce, egg, sherry and a variety of other ingredients. To add sweetness, we use fine white granulated sugar, brown cane sugar, honey, maple sugar, caramel and others. Everything we use is natural, with colors inherent to the ingredients themselves.

忙中閑Enjoy a Kasane break


With as many as several thousand conceivable combinations, you can get a sense of the possibilities and the future expansions of the world of kasane.
We have created this with the idea of continuously valuing the aesthetic sensibility of the five senses that the Japanese people have built up since ancient times while recreating it in the modern era.




This is a limited time offer. We are currently not taking requests for the above product.
We will announce its sales period on News page.

We accept reservations made by phone (Senriyama: 06-6386-2234).

※受け渡し時間:昼11:30~14:30 夜17:00~18:30(「鍋」は夜のみ)

* Delivery time: Lunch 11:30~2:30, dinner 5:00–6:30 (only “Hotpot” starts from night)
* We accept reservations until three days prior.
* Taxi delivery is also possible. (Actual cost)

お持ち帰り御膳Takeout Meal


This is a Kashiwaya bento box with a real seasonal feeling.
* Contents change from season to season.
* It is not possible to order only the Kids’ Bento.

  • Kashiwa

    • 1膳1人前 21,600円(税込)
    • 1 meal to serve 1: ¥21,600 (incl. tax)
  • 松花堂Shokado

    • 1膳1人前 10,800円(税込)
    • 1 meal to serve 1: ¥10,800 (incl. tax)
  • お子様折詰弁当Kids’ Bento

    • 1膳1人前 5,400円(税込)
    • 1 meal to serve 1: ¥5,400 (incl. tax)



The Unagi Hotpot is prepared by adding an abundance of sake that really goes well with the eel to Kashiwaya’s original soup stock that uses Japanese kelp from the Donan region and high-grade katsuobushi from Makurazaki.
The Pike Eel Hotpot combines pike eel soup stock with Kashiwaya’s soup stock.
Ingredients include Osaka vegetables, wheat starch from the Fuka confectionery store in Kyoto, tofu skin from the Yubacho store in Kyoto, and so on.
We hope you will enjoy the flavorful dried seaweed from Saga together with roasted kelp noodles and rice porridge at the end.
* May not be available depending on the season. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • 鰻鍋Unagi Hotpot

    • 1セット2人前 17,280円(税込)
    • 1 set to serve 2: ¥17,280 (incl. tax)
  • 鱧鍋Pike Eel Hotpot

    • 1セット2人前 17,280円(税込)
    • 1 set to serve 2: ¥17,280 (incl. tax)


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