ご挨拶 Greetings

ご挨拶 「 麗か 」春分〜清明 Greeting ” Calm Day ” From Spring Equinox to Pure Brightness*



ことしよりはるしりそむるさくらばな ちるといふことはならはざらなむ
(古今和歌集 紀貫之)

今年初めて春を知った桜花よ 散るということは見習わないでおくれ





Around spring equinox day, cherry blossoms start to bloom from south to north in Japan.  The news of cherry blossoms blooming lifts our spirits.

The cherry blossom petal is pink at the start of blooming, and the color gradually fades as they bloom. By full bloom, the petal has changed into white, and the cherry blossoms flutter like snow. An old poet wrote the following poem showing an air of melancholy for fluttering cherry blossoms.

Kotoshi yori     Haru shiri somuru     Sakura bana
Chiru to ifu koto-ha     Naraha zara namu
By Ki no Tsurayuki from Kokin Wakashū

Meaning: Cherry blossoms bloom and know spring for the first time.
 How I truly wish for them not to learn how to scatter.

In the Heian period, there were rules for the color combinations of formal clothing, known as “Kasane no Irome.”  The combination of white and hanada (= pale blue) expresses “sakura” (cherry blossoms).  I wonder why the combination symbolizes “sakura”, since most of the combinations for “sakura” use red.  Perhaps people living in the Heian period imagined “sakura” as fluttering white petals in the blue sky.

Spring has passed before we get enough time to think about the transient cherry blossoms. I would like to cherish even the very last petal of cherry blossoms this year, too.

At Kashiwaya, we prepare the cuisine for our guests to enjoy the end of spring thoroughly. Please enjoy the calm spring at our restaurant.

Around the spring equinox, a sudden crack of thunder sometimes breaks the sky.  Please note that the menu may change depending on the status of arrival of ingredients.

*Spring equinox(春分)/ pure brightness(清明): The traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. “Spring equinox” starts on 3/21.  “Pure brightness” starts on 4/5.



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