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ご挨拶 「 小春 」立冬〜小雪 Greeting " Koharu " From Start of Winter to Light Snow*






There hasn’t been another year in which yuzu has changed color as late as this year.  I have recently felt the effects of climate change directly.  Even around the start of winter, ginko and autumn leaves are still lush.

Around five years ago, I wrote the following sentences.
It was an early morning at the end of autumn.  The beautiful scene took my breath away.  Ginko leaves at a park were falling.  Fallen leaves reflected the sunlight and shined as if it was covered with a golden carpet.  When I walked through, The leaves rustled.  The sound might be a footstep of autumn.

In the middle of October, yellow yuzu was on the market.  However, at first, the color of yuzu was unnatural and it seemed like artificial coloring was used.  That kind of yuzu was yellow but its smell was like green yuzu.  This is one of the results of climate change which is caused by human activity.  Until when do we repeat the same mistake?

This reminds me of something important and makes me think deeply.  At first glance, it seems like a good thing to cherish what we have done until yesterday.  However, it is time to think about tomorrow and take how to spend today seriously.  Thinking about the children, we must know what we should do.


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