ご挨拶 Greetings

ご挨拶 「 春遅し 」大寒〜立春 Greeting " Looking forward to Spring " From Greater Cold to Start of Spring*







It is sometimes painfully cold even after the “start of spring.”  The air in the morning is so clear that I can see farther than usual.  The wintry scene makes me think spring is still far away.

There was a 2024 Noto peninsula earthquake at the beginning of the year.  Recently, we heard about the damage caused by the earthquake.  I have a heavy heart hearing about the unprecedented damage.  A chef friend of mine suffered from the earthquake.  According to him, it takes at least two months to restore water and sewage pipes and he needs to rebuild his restaurant.  Many other people have also fallen victim to the disaster.  Kashiwaya will do what we can do for them.  It seems to take a lot of time to restore their lifeline.  We hope that they will get over this difficulty.

I happened to look at a tree moving soughingly in the north wind and could find the buds at the end of the branch.  Even in this strict situation, spring is coming quietly but steadily.  No matter what happens, spring will be there.  We wish good health to you, your family, and your friend.

Kashiwaya’s cuisine describes the spring arriving step by step.  You will experience the change of spring with your five senses.

A snowstorm will be hitting.
The contents might be changed depending on the day’s stocks.

*Greater Cold/ Start of Spring: The traditional East Asian calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. “Greater cold(大寒)” starts on January 20. “Start of spring(立春)” starts on February 4th.




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