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柏屋における感染防止策についての取り組み Kashiwaya’s Anti-Infection Countermeasures.


  • 柏屋は個室のみの営業です。各部屋に窓があり換気には常に気を付けております。また、お客様がお部屋にお入りになられた後もご希望でしたら窓をお開けいたします。
  • 個室のみの営業であるため、他のお客様と接する機会が少なく、予約受付時刻も重ならないように調整しております。また、お部屋も予約状況次第ですが、通常時よりも大きめのお部屋をご準備いたします。
  • 廊下や通路にも中庭への出入り口や窓がございますので、常に換気しております。
  • 飲食店としてこれまでもしっかり清掃等に努めてまいりましたが、これまで以上に清掃を徹底し、ことあるごとに随所でアルコール消毒を行っております。
  • 全従業員の手洗い・アルコール消毒を徹底しております。あわせて、調理場スタッフはマスクと調理用手袋を着用。サービススタッフも常にマスクを着用し、お客様との距離を意識しながら接客させていただきます。
  • 毎日、出勤した全従業員の体温測定を義務付け、あわせて体調の状態を記録しております。
  • ご来店いただいたお客様に下記のことをお願いしております。


柏屋 主人

Kashiwaya’s Anti-Infection Countermeasures

  • Kashiwaya only offers service in private rooms. All of our rooms have windows and we are always conscious of ventilation. If you feel more comfortable with the window open while you dine, we will open it for you.
  • Because we only offer private rooms, you are unlikely to come in direct contact with other customers, and we make efforts to spread reservations out so that as few customers as possible are in the restaurant at a time. Additionally, while it depends on the room availability, we also try to offer slightly more spacious rooms than usual.
  • Corridors have exits to the garden and windows, so they are well-ventilated.
  • As a restaurant, we have always been conscientious about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, but we have stepped this up even further and we now use alcohol-based disinfectant throughout our restaurant.
  • All of our employees are obliged to follow thorough hand-washing procedures and to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Our kitchen staff also wear masks and cooking gloves at all times when in the kitchen. Our service staff also wear masks at all times, and maintain proper social distancing while interacting with customers.
  • All employees, when they arrive at work each day, are obliged to take their temperature and make a record of their health status.
  • We make the following requests of our customers upon their arrival.
    When you arrive at Kashiwaya, before you enter your dining room we request that you wash your hands and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Our staff will instruct you regarding hand-washing at the entrance to the building. If you have an alcohol hypersensitivity or other such condition, please wash your hands but refrain from using the hand sanitizer. We request your cooperation in creating a comfortable dining atmosphere for all of our customers.

Your understanding and cooperation in these measures is appreciated.
Owner of Kashiwaya



〒565-0851 大阪府吹田市千里山西2丁目5番18号

2-5-18 Senriyama-nishi, Suita, Osaka 565-0851 Japan


〒530-0002 大阪府大阪市北区曽根崎新地 1丁目7番4号

YAMANA K-2 BLDG. 5F 1-7-4 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 530-0002 Japan

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